Chief Brewer

Twain’s is delighted to announce that Mike Castagno has agreed to join the Twain’s family. Mike will bring his vast knowledge of beer making and beer styles to craft a new lineup of ales, lagers and perhaps the occasion wild beer. Mike joins the Twain’s team with over 11 years of award winning homebrewing under his belt, he is certified as a BJCP Master Beer Judge and professional taste evaluator and occasional beer writer. Mike’s background in beer and his knowledge from being a commercial R&D Chemist writes an exciting introduction to the next chapter of Twain’s Brewpub’s brewery. We can’t wait to sip his creations and share Mike’s passion for beer with Georgia’s beer loving community.

Mike is gearing up the brewery and we hope to debut a full beer menu of his beers on Thursday December 28th.  We will keep you updated and will hopefully whet your whistle as the excitement builds for Mike’s beers to be pouring across all of our taps!

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