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Elmira A Frameshift Collab

Farmhouse IPA 6.7% IPA

Brewed with our good friends at Frameshift Fermentation! Excessive amounts of Cashmere, Cryo Palisades & Wai-iti bring a stone fruit hop punch, balanced by unmalted wheat and Georgia Pilsner Malt which lend a delicate soft mouthfeel and a cracker-like malt flavor

Lemon Vice

Meyer Lemon Wheat Ale

We took our Florence Hefeweizen and added some Meyer Lemons and Orange zest to bump up the citrus component of the beer; inspired by the popular Summer Shandy without the added sugar or water. We have a very limited quantity of this so get it while it’s here!

Halley’s Helles Lager

4.9% abv

Modeled after the malt forward Munich lagers, this helles uses heirloom German malts and Tettnang hops with a Munich Lager yeast. This is a staff favorite!

Backwood Blonde

5% abv Soft red fruit notes (strawberry, watermelon, red apple) that complement the balanced bready malt while finishing crisp

Only available on draft


6.2% abv

Hopped with Mackinac, grown exclusively in Michigan, notes of pineapple & tropical fruit punch

Available on draft and 4 packs to-go!

Liquid Pour’n IPA

Unfiltered West Coast IPA, 6.9% abv
Sensual malt  (Pale Ale, Munich, Vienna) balance a tactile hop bite from Chinook, CTZ before it all comes around to a face full of finishing hops with cryo Azacca, Rakau and Citra.
Only available on draft

Ariel BA Sour Solera

6.0% abv Our third solera from our house grown sour culture is bright orange, with a smooth biscuity malt & bright sour upfront that doesn’t linger

Only available on draft

Mouth for War

12.% abv Buffalo Trace Bourbon BA Barleywine

Collaboration with Decatur’s Ale Yeah! Craft Beer, Rich, boozy and complex, Bourbon, candied raisin, caramel, toee and biscuits round out in this sipper

Only available on draft!

Jeremiel Mulberry Sour

6.0% abv

Mixed Fermentation Sour w/ Mulberry and Spices
Named after the Archangel of hope, Jeremiel helps people learn from previous mistakes so they don’t repeat the past. This mixed ferm sour was aged in a wine barrel and has mulberries with just the faintest touch of allspice and vanilla.
Only available on draft!

Mochalicious Nitro Milk Stout

5.3% abv Collab brew with Peach State Brewo Best of Show winner, Jordan Morgan. This nitro pour rings in a rich and sweet malt character with a touch of caramel and hints of coffee and cocoa. Congrats, Jordan

Available on draft only

Sin Bin Session IPA

5% abv. Refreshing and juicy, this easy drinking beer uses the ultra rare medusa hop to deliver fresh melon, peach kiwi and strawberry hop aroma and flavor.

Available on draft and 4 packs to-go!

Drunken Phoenix Hazy IPA

6.4% abv Brewer Sean’s design – this Hazy IPA uses Citra, Cryo Azacca, Sultana & Moutere delivering a HUGE hop aroma & bright citrus flavors.

Available on draft and 4 packs to-go!


5.5% ABV  Approachable toasty malt, soft floral hops and a clean finish will have you toasting over and over again to good health and prosperity. Prost!

Available on Draft and 4 packs to-go!

Jackass Hill Helles Lager

5.0% abv Tettnang hops: Striking malt complexity aligned with easy drinking, this Helles is flavorful while still refreshing floral and firm bitterness to cleanse you palate. Soft grainy & doughy malt supports the hops and makes an all-around pleasant drinkable beer.

Available on Draft and 4 packs to-go!

Florence Hefeweizen

4.4% abv. Nothing says warm patio weather better than a tall glass of hefeweizen. Wheat and barley combine with a unique Bavarian yeast to create this delicious wheat beer with notes of banana, clove, citrus, vanilla and baking bread.

Wintry Wanderer IPA

Massive late kettle hop additions and double dry hopped, this juicy IPA has a mango, pineapple and orange juice flavor. 6.6% abv

Hops: Citra, RAkau, Galaxy, Michigan Copper, Azacca & Amarillo

A New Level

Port Barrel Aged Barleywine 11% abv

The last variant of our collaboration with Ale Yeah!, A New Level uses the base beer Vulgar Display of Barley, and ages it in a Portugese Port Barrel for 10 months.

Feats of Strength

Spiced with figs, orange peel, allspice, juniper & vanilla while fermented in a Woodford Reserve barrel. An ode to Holiday strong ales from Belgium. 13%abv

Until you pin me, Festivus is not over!

Command Prompt

Double Oatmeal Stout 6.6%abv

Luscious and velvety, this stout only uses malted barley, hops, water, oats & yeast to deliver the impression of dark chocolate coated doughnuts while maintaining its beer integrity and drinkability. We used an absurd about of oats. Like the quakers were impressed

In The Dark Last Night

 Flanders Red Sour Ale, 6% abv A few years ago we captured our own mix of house cultures to do wild ales. For the 5th Generation of this house grown culture, we have a mixed-fermentation solera in a red wine barrel that demonstrates beautiful elements of a dry and sour Flanders Red. Rich malt, bright acidity, red fruit, hints of oak.

Available on draft only

Godmode Crushable IPA

5.0 % abv

Homebrewer Collaboration Alert! Randall McPherson of Covert Hops Society and Final Gravity homebrew clubs was invited in to share his multi-award winning recipe for Session IPA. We worked together to get this brewed on Twain’s system and we hope you love the outcome! Using every cheat code in the books, Citra, Galaxy and Wai-iti deliver bright tropical, stone fruit and citrus fruits which dominate your senses but keep you coming back for more. Homebrewers rock!

Push Back Pils

New Zealand Pilsner 6.4% abv

A beautiful mash up of Czech-style pilsner malt with New Zealand grown hops. Dry hopped and lagered for over a month. The malt is rich and creamy balanced with a clean hop presence.

Hops: NZ Pacifica, NZ Wai-iti

Available on draft and 4 packs to-go!

Twain’s Summer Ale

4.9% ABV

This Belgian White ale uses a generous does of wheat along with orange and lemon peel and a farmhouse yeast to bring a bright crisp and refreshing summer beer!

My ‘Bro

5.2% ABV

Dry hopped My Girl Belgian Blond with Sabro hops. A grassy and floral aroma along with ripe peach, pineapple and coconut from the hops

Barke No Bite Maibock

A collab with Covert Hops homebrewers Graham Barron and Scott Lathrop. This Maibock is a malty German lager brewed for spring. Orange in color expect smooth toasty malts and a hint of sweetness


House culture slow sour . Aged in a red wine barrel. this is the last variant of our Weizenbock collab with homebrewer Ryan Stansbury. Fermented with our own house captured and propigated sour culture, this beer is very sour yet smooth and rich as the malt softens and the expressive wild culture throws off lots of fruit notes. No fruit was added, yet it exhibits notes of passionfruit, sour cherry, and black plums.

Purgatory to Paradise

7.5% abv This Trappist-style Belgian Dubbel delivers on the malt complexity and yeast character while being sneaky smooth and and easy-to-drink amber beer. This beer will help you transcend you from beer Purgatory to beer Paradise

Available on draft only

Break The Wheel Nut Brown

Nutty, caramel, crackers, biscuits and moderate fruity esters are expressed in this traditional English-style brown ale (no nuts added to the beer). This beer is the true counter culture beer. 5.4% ABV

Holiday Parties at Twain’s!!

Looking for a fun place to bring your co-workers?  Look no further!  Twain’s can host groups of 20-100 guests with food, drinks and fun!  We still have some dates available for the holiday season but they are going fast, to check availability fill out our party info form!

Serpentine Solitude

13% ABV 15 IBUs

Color: Light Brown, a bit hazy./ Finish: Raisin, dried fruits, sherry, bourbon, caramel, vanilla, hints of oaks.

This is 2017’s Hell For Society Quad aged in a 3rd use Willet Bourbon Barrel. The 3rd use imparts more of a neutral aging characteristic with hints of bourbon & oak rather than being overpowering. This beer is complex and will get more enjoyable if you let it warm a bit. together to make for a pleasant, smooth experience.

Sunken Treasure

7.0% ABV 20 IBUs

Color: Burnt Orange, Hazy, Dense ivory head/ Finish: Light but complex, sweet malts, vanilla, with hints of tropical fruit and brett funk

We took some of our Spring Forward Marzen and stowed it away in a Flor de Cana Rum Barrel with Brett Anomalus for 6 months.

Not Brett K

9.0% ABV 70 IBUs

Color: Deep gold, good clarity, pillowy off-white head/ Finish: Fragent floral with sublte funky brett, tropical hops and a gentle warmth/ Hops: Centennial, Cascade, Palisade, AU Summer

We took some Double IPA wort and fermented it on Brett. C. for about 2 months before doing two judicious dry hopping cycles with Australian Summer hops. The beer is so complex every time you take a sip it’ll change just a bit. We only have about 3 gallons of this beer so it’ll sell out real fast! not.


I’m a Mermansk

9.6%ABV 61 IBUs

Color: Midnight Black, opague, dense brown head/ Finish: Rich with moderate sweetness, lingering notes of mocha, creme brulee & malted milk balls / Hops: Brewer’s Gold, Horizon

Collaborated with Atlanta Brewing Co. for their 25th Anniversary, this Imperial Stout utilizes Scottish Base Malt, Chilean Crystal Malt, English Roasted Malt & Norwegian Kveik Yeast. Rich & robust, this beer will increase in complexity as it warm

Hopping in the Name of IPA

7.2% ABV 90IBUs

Color: Orange with good clarity and a cream colored head / Finsh: Mix of berry and stone fruit with a piney hop aftertaste, biscuit and toasted malt balance / Hops: Columbus, Idaho 7, Ekuanot

Another great collab. with Tim Schiavone of soon to be Best End Brewing Co. off the West End Beltline. This Rye IPA delivers so many nuances from citrus to berry to piney to toasty. A great cooler weather IPA. Named after the original single from Rage Against the Machine this endangered species of beer while it lasts.

When Life Gives you Zythos American Amber Ale

5.8% ABV 29 IBUs  Tasting notes: Bold resiny hops with rich caramel malt, moderate sweetness, deep toasted bread – yet the malt does not linger.. Think of this as the little brother of our popular winter release: Celebrated Jumping Frog IPA. This beer utilizes all Zythos hops

Samuel Brett Saison

6.0% ABV 36 IBUs Tasting Notes: Funky and Fabulous! Barnyard, hay, lemon, oak, toast

The wild yeast (Brettanomyces) gives this beer a funky, fruity character typical of Saisons with Brett added. We co-fermented Saison yeast with Brettanomyces in a French white wine barrel and aged the beer in the barrel for 3 months

Devil’s Grip Chocolate & Chili Stout

5.1% ABV 31 IBUs Tasting notes:  Cocoa, chili peppers, and roast malt upfront with a medium hot burn on the finish. We paired up with Hotlanta Peppers out of Atlanta, GA to make this chili stout. We used a blend of pepper flakes that consists of several varieties of habanero & jalapeño peppers as well as the red devil’s tongue. Suprisingly refreshing for a chili stout in the summer.

Queenstown Adventure

6.1% ABV 55 IBUs Tasting notes:  mixture of tropical fruit, citrus and a hint of pine from the hop aromas with a clean supportive malt breadiness  Our Adventure in Southern Hemisphere hops brings us to this IPA using heaps of Pacifica, Pacific Jade, Wai-iti, AU Summer and AU Galaxy. If you enjoy the New World hops, you’ll be keen on this hoppy pale ale. Kia ora mate!

Day Sipper

5.6% ABV 22 IBUs Tasting notes: Yeast character of bubblegum, pear, and peach with toasty, biscuit, and caramel malt notes. Assistant Brewer Sean Miller took the reigns on this beer. A great everyday beer and an excellent “Intro to Belgian Beer” product.

All The People Georgia IPA

6.8% ABV 45 IBUs Tasting notes:High citrus flavors of orange, tangerine, mandarin, grapefruit & a hint of lemon. Creamy mouthful, not heavy or filling. Bready & biscuity malt character supports the moderate bitterness. This unfiltered IPA is a hybrid of the West Coast IPA & the New England IPA. Hops: Manderina Barvaria, Amarillo, Galaxy, Cascade, Sorachi Ace

Hawking’s Hefeweizen

Tasting Notes: Doughy, water crackers, baking bread, notes of banana, clove and vanilla.

Our first attempt at a German Hefeweizen – the quintessential warm weather beer. Named after the recently deceased physicist and cosmologist, Stephen Hawking


5.2%ABV 10 IBUs

March Madness at Twain’s!

Come to Twain’s and watch the games and play our version of March Madness, but its with beer!!

Come help us decide the ultimate Twain’s Ale!

Up this week The Malt Region!

There is a play in Matchup between (5) Hawkings Hefe vs (4) Twain’s Winter Ale

To go against heavy favorite (1)My Girl Belgian Blond

On the other half of the region we have

(3 Portlanta Oatmeal Brown Porter nvs (2) Spring Forward Marzen

Ask your server for a March Madness nPuddle Jumper to play along, 5 tastes for $11.